1. Our HR Policy and Targets

Koza Gold Operation as; providing added value to employees, collecting, living values, education, environment, economy; Our goal in our Human Resources Policy is to lead the company with our competent and competent staff in this direction by providing the right job to the right job and the right person for this purpose.

Koza Gold Operation Human Resources Policy is another important element of employment. In terms of the employment realized in line with this policy, our employee ratio is 88% for Çukuralan, 87% for Ovacık, 89% for Gümüşhane, 94% for Himmetdede and 96% for Kaymaz branches.

Everyone who works in his / her environment is considered equal regardless of language, religion, race, sect, age, gender, nationality, disability. Right work in the framework of our politics, which started with respect for human rights

2. Human Resources Processes

  • Recruitment

We have the CVs for the personal needs of the Human Resources Department. The required personnel will be assessed as villager candidates after the peasants who are next to the borders of the mining area. Candidates who are eligible to be found in the village where the mine is located are evaluated for county, province and country. Candidates who are deemed suitable for presentation are interviewed. In this process, delegation interviews are carried out by the human resources and related departmental officials. In interviews; evaluating human resources, candidate competencies and corporate culture; the relevant section assesses the candidate's technical competence.

During the recruitment process for blue collar staff, candidates are subject to a four-phase test which has been proven to be credible in the mining industry worldwide. Matrix, mathematics, reading comprehension, and mechanical reasoning tests are used to measure candidates' general culture and ability levels and the ability to make the most accurate decisions in a limited time. The purpose of these tests is; employing intense attention and reducing the probability of job accidents. At the end of the process, the delegation completes the evaluations of all candidates and Human Resources initiates the remaining steps of the recruitment process by making a job offer to the appropriate candidate.

  • Education

In-house and off-site training programs are determined for the personnel who will start or work in Koza Gold Operation. The aim of this training is to increase the technical and behavioural competencies in the field, to create awareness of the environment; health and safety of workers and to enable them to translate their personal performances into company performance.

Those who have successfully completed the on-the-job training process are included in the orientation training program by Human Resources. New candidates who started work in our business are not allowed to work alone until they have learned the rules of mining and completed their occupational training, regardless of previous experience. They conduct their work in the presence of an experienced supervisor. At the end of the study period, the trainings requested to increase the professional competence of the employees from the departments and the personal improvement trainings planned by the Human Resources Department are organized.

Fee and Social Rights

• In addition to the standard benefits such as wages, roads and meals, our employees who work in our company have additional benefits;

Group Health Insurance: In addition to being covered by SSI, there is a Special Health Insurance application which is covered by our Company For our white-collar employees.

Group Retirement Plan: All of our employees may be included in the employer-contributed group retirement plan prepared on specific terms for our Company.

Lease Benefit: For our White Collar employees, there is a payment of the rent subsidy in the amounts included in the in-house additional benefit procedure according to their position.

Mobile Phone / Line Billing: Line and mobile phone are provided at the limits included in the additional benefit procedure according to the positions of our employees.

Vehicle Assistance: The company vehicle is allocated for the positions determined in the procedures other than the service opportunity provided to our employees.

Bonus Payments: Blue Collar staff’s bonus is evaluated as part of the TIS and White Collar Staff’s bonus is evaluated based on Company performance bonus procedure.

3. Suggestion and Award System

Rewards are given to employees who worked in the company for 5/10/15 years, to employees who assisted in in the prevention of accidents and fires in the workplace and to employees who assisted in increase in production by technical inventions and innovations. In-house procedures are valid for our White Collar employees and Collective Bar agreement is valid for our Blue Collar employees.

4. Industrial Relations

The procedures related to our Blue-collar employees are governed by the provisions of the legislation and collective bargaining agreement. Collective Bargaining Agreement signed between Koza Gold Operation and Turkey Mine Workers Union is valid between the dates 01.01.2020 and 31.12.2021.

Under the scope of this contract, our personnel who are covered by workers union will receive following benefits for 2020-2021 wage increase. These benefits are employer contributions to be paid for the personnel included in the Individual Pension system, annual fuel aid and annual education aid for the children who are going to school, Qurban aid and Ramadan packages.

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